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Fans have unforgettable seasons too!!!

Posted on: January 21, 2009 8:23 pm

I remember when I was little and I made my own Terrible Towel out of a gold wash cloth.  I actually wrote on there myself with a marker "Terrible Towel"!  Growing up in Florida even before the Bucs were there I only had one choice and that was the Steelers.  Stallworth, Mean Joe Greene, Harris, Swann and my beloved Steelers - there was nothing better than watching them on TV.  My dad would let me stay up when they were on Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell.
At the same time I had a neighbor who had more Roll Tide stuff than I could even imagine.  I thought that how could you live in Florida and not like the Gators.  So my journey began with sports and over the last 30+ years I never looked back.  I am one of those fans that picked his teams early and that was blood was going to run orange, blue, gold and black for the rest of my life.
We always hear about those seasons that a player or a team has and we all live through them in some way or another.  How many times in your life do you get to have it all a fan?  There is always a let down somewhere but for me this season is one that I will talk about and tell to my grandchildren years from now(or will it be?). 
I am not a fly by night fan - there are a lot of us out there.  When someone puts down Florida, I like so many in the Gator Nation, will defend them to the end.  Steelers had a cupcake schedule this year - alright only if you want to go there!!! 
You know me because I am all of you.
We join websites, in this modern era, so we can take our voice accross the country.  It wasn't good enough for me to argue with neighbors, people at work or at the local sports bar - no I had to go nationwide to make my case.  Don't you just love it!!!!  I find myself listening to Philly fans, Seminole fans, Cowboy fans and even the dreaded Hurricane fans.  I can't get enough of it and I tell all of you - thanks for believing in your teams as much as I do mine.

Well here I am dreaming about the possibility of a season that so many of us fans dream about.  You know what I mean - many of you have had seasons like this so now I hope its my turn.  If not I will be back next year like all of you and be ready for another shot at this type of year.  Without us, THE FANS, there is no sport, no ESPN, no CBSSportsline no nothing .... so someone at the top needs to remember us THE FANS.  I mean really remember us because we are your sports and your lifestyle. 
Gators - Nation Champions 2008
Steelers - Superbowl Champions 2008 (here's hoping)

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